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CFE II project results in Ukraine


CFE II project results in Ukraine

The implementation of the CFE II project in Ukraine has become a good opportunity for the NGO-members of Ukrainian Climate Network to implement practical projects related to climate change and adaptation, as well as improve the organizational capacity of their organizations. Thanks to CFE, for the first time in Ukraine climate change adaptation action plans were developed for several villages, a large industrial city and a nature protected territory. One of the mediated consequences of the CFE was the adoption of the first regional climate change adaptation strategy in the Rakhiv rajon. Opportunity to obtain additional funding helped implement six pilot climate change adaptation projects: it's moving a herd of buffalos from Transcarpathian in the Danube, renovation of drainage systems needed in Kamianske, web-cameras on the church for monitoring fires on wetlands, reservoirs for collecting rainwater in the kindergarten. Educational component of the program has become extremely useful in terms of disseminating information on climate change and adaptation too. So more than 100 teachers and non-formal education representatives gathered at the first annual Climate Education Forum in 2016 to exchange experiences, interesting ideas and projects, and also take part in the master class for children's climate games "Playing will change the world." Continuation of work with young people was the project "The Ministry of Climate Magic", attended by 150 school students from five cities that took part in trainings on climate change, environmental activism, implemented in their schools environmental climate projects and 20 mthe most active of students then participated in final camp in the Carpathians. An interesting experiment was holding informational tour on climate change and energy conservation "Energy independence is our common deal" through which activists of Ukrainian Climate Network visited 10 cities and dessiminated information about climate change, adaptation and energy efficiency of more than 13 000 people, had 14 Meetings with local authorities on energy efficiency in the  cities and adaptation to the effects of climate change.

In general, thanks to the support provided by the Climate Forum East II to the Ukrainian CSOs about 100,000 people all over Ukraine were reached through different re-granting projects, video and articals about activities under CFE II.

Picture on the top: Final camp in the Carpathians, Babyn village

Bictures below: All-over Ukrainian information climate change and adaptation tour, Kherson; All-over Ukrainian information climate change and adaptation tour, Ivano-Frankive; Documenting of local examples on adaptation to climate changes, Ivano-Frankove