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Climate resilient sidewalks and informational systems in rural communities


Climate resilient sidewalks and informational systems in rural communities

In Palanca community, Stefan Voda district, two local NGOs in partnership with local public authority, are implementing 2 initiatives on increasing climate resilience of the sidewalk infrastructure and disaster risk prevention.

According to the local action plan for adaptation to climate change, Palanca village is facing such climate change events as extreme wind speed and rainfall that directly affects the community road infrastructure. The risk of flood has a high probability.

During the first months of 2017, the CSO "MEM Stefan Voda", which implements the initiative on the reconstruction of the sidewalks, conducted a basic economic analysis to compare the costs for reconstruction of the existing sidewalks which concluded that using permeable plates that will permit rainwater leak, proved to be a more efficient approach in terms of investment and durability. The sidewalk portion part chosen for reconstruction serves as a connection to various important points in the locality in the central area. The project is expected to be finalized in June 2017.


As for the second initiative, "Icar Dedal NGO" started to install an informational system in the community, consisting of a series of speakers installed on poles and a command point at the mayoralty managed by well-trained volunteers and a specialist. The system is to be introduced as a tool for disaster prevention and communication and is coordinated with the Civil Protection and Emergency Situations Service. This initiative is a replication of the project in the village of Carpineni where, at the moment, the installation works are already on the last minute.