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Why hutsuls teach children to respect a rain


Why hutsuls teach children to respect a rain

During 2016-2017 in Bogdan village - one of the higher village located in Ukrainian mountains were held climate change activities. The reservoir for collecting rain water for houshold used was installed on the kindergarten in Carpatian mountains. 

In recent decades, the number of days with maximum air temperature above 30°C, and sometimes even more, up to + 40°C has increased in the village. Most of these days are in July and August. This creates a risk of heat stress.

There is also an increase in the number of days with abnormal rainfall, especially in spring and autumn. During this period, a sharp rise in the level of water in rivers and streams, and groundwater, leads to a risk of flooding.

The biggest problems, as the events of recent years have shown, are destructive floods, mudflows and, at the same time, lack of drinking water, which is caused by intensive climate change, in certain tracts of the village in summer.
Excess of collected rainwater from the reservoir in the kindergarten goes to the fire-fighting reservoir, which is located nearby on the territory of the military unit.
This location ensures the protection of the reservoir from outside interference, and also facilitates access for fire engines. This project helping to approximately 5 thousands people living in a village.

More information in Ukrainian language you can find here.