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Youth Camp in Bakuriani EU meets Caucasus 2014


Youth Camp in Bakuriani EU meets Caucasus 2014

The International Youth Exchange `EU meets Caucasus` took place in Bakuriani/Georgia from 1st to 10th of August 2014. The camp gathered 48 young people from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Austria, Belarus, Germany and Georgia to jointly work on the topic of climate change.

Climate change can have severe humanitarian consequences, especially for vulnerable communities. Dealing with the changing risks of extreme weather events and climate variability is a major challenge for governments, communities and civil society. Also within the Red Cross Movement we encourage young people to work with climate change issues and to enable them to integrate climate risk management into their future life.

The International Youth Exchange in the Caucasus region aimed to share best practice examples and empower young people to act by giving expert inputs, time for exchange and hands on experience. Participants had the chance to meet and work together for 10 days, discuss their specific needs, get views from different angles and learn more about each other´s experience. The camp also envisaged the enhancement of intercultural exchange and work on models for sustainable development.

Highlights of the camp were the non-formal methods used, for example a climate quiz, where participants spend the morning trying to answer tricky questions and solve challenging tasks. For example, saving people by bringing them water as fast as possible, only to find out that the cup they were using was leaking.

A whole day was dedicated to the Climate Theatre where groups were provided with a climate related scenario and thought about what message they want to give to the audience. Numerous creative performances took place that evening as you will see in the camp video provided (look out for angels and devils trying to seduce the mayor of a town). One group also created a video, showing how to include climate-smart behaviour in our daily life (Climate Theatre movie: http://youtu.be/bolwRU6iDsA).

On the second day a Climate Forum East (CFE) project introductory presentation was made for the meeting participants by the National Societies of Azerbaijan, Belarus, Armenia and Georgia.

During the presentation the project purpose, expected results, current activities, future plans, as well as some project activities were outlined: the establishment of civil society organization (CSO) networks, national climate vulnerability assessments reports, evidence-based advocacy/awareness raising on climate change adaptation, education for action and citizenship among young people. In January 2013, the Armenia Red Cross Society, Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society, Georgia Red Cross Society, Belarus Red Cross Society, the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine and the Moldovan NGO ECOSPECTRU started to implement Climate Forum East (CFE) project. The Austrian Red Cross coordinates the regional project. The main objective of Climate Forum East is to strengthen the capacity of CSO (Civil Society Organization) networks to actively participate in policy dialogue with local and national authorities, EU institutions and international organizations on climate change adaptation.

 (CampVideo: http://youtu.be/pCqBxYVLdvM)

We want to thank especially the Directorate General for Education and Culture of the European Commission and the National Agency `Jugend in Aktion` for making this International Youth Exchange possible, Austrian Red Cross and the Georgian Red Cross Society for organizing the camp, the group leaders for being active, creative and supportive contact persons for the organizers and the teams and last but not least the participants who brought such a great spirit to the camp - THANK YOU ALL

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