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Summer school “Climate Ambassadors” in Moldova


Summer school “Climate Ambassadors” in Moldova

In the period 19 - 28 July 2014 the Republican Center for Youth and Children - Gutta-Club organized a national summer ecological school in the village Raculesti, Criuleni district for volunteers “Climate Ambasadors”. The organisation of the event was supported by sponsors: the Global Green grants Fund (The USA), International climatic movement GPS (Global Power Shift), International public organization 350.org and project “Climate Forum East” (national implementation Agency NGO ECOSPECTRU), which is funded by the European Union, with additional funding from the Austrian Development Agency, the Austrian Red Cross and the WWF.

During the 10 days of the ecoschool, participants were trained and could exchange experience and opinions on adaptation to climate change with each other. There was a certain slogan, issue for discussion and thematic for each day of the summer school. Young people had the opportunity to share their opinions and ask and to answer questions in a philosophical manner. The first day was devoted to knowing each other – future ambassadors had a nice time, played different games and playing presented to each other.

The second day started with introductory session on: what is climate and climate change, what is adaptation to such changes.

The third day started with strengthening of the team spirit and participants sailed on the Dnetsr River by plots made by themselves. This day we had to work in a team in order to “survive” (certainly we had safety belts and experts showed us how to use them). We made a station on the “Bicii ostrov (bowl island)”, where participants made a meal: boys were responsible for the fire and meat, while girls for salads and organizing of comfortable space. The whole day we worked and relaxed, studied and enjoyed the time. It was an unforgettable journey! 

On the fourth day experts on climate from the NGO “ECOSPECTRU”  -  Ion Cotofana and Svetlana Debelaia-Buracinschi joined us and told about climate change and adaptation to it in our country. During the summer school participants could try themselves as a mayor of the capital town – Chisinau, member of the regional Anenii-Noi Council, foreign investor, Minister of Environment, employee of the Gutta-Club and ordinary dweller of the Tintareni village. We played a simulation game, where a real scenario like the Chisinau municipal garbage dump was presented. Participants succeeded in resolving the situation in spite of certain pressure from municipal lobby, because they understand that we have to restore harmony between nature and society and assure sustainable development!

Next Day (Day of Moldova) participants visited one of the most prominent historical sites in the country – the complex “Orheiul Vechi”, where they learned more about history, traditions and style of life of our people from the 14th  century. On the day of Friendship we had a big concert (folk dances, songs and kitchen) during which participants told and showed traditions and style of life of our people. 

So as the main objective of the summer ecological school was to inform the population of possible measures to adapt to climate change, participants decided to organize a march action on the Stefan cel Mare - main street of the capital town Chisinau. It took place on Saturday – 26 July, when all participants with banners, placards, slogans etc. walked on the main street, stopped near people and organized a flash-mob, and talked with ordinary people on how to reduce their ecofoot print for establishment of better balance between nature and society. Our action was also presented in mass-media and information on it was disseminated on national level thus raising public awareness on climate change and the necessity to develop adaptation measures.

The ecoschool was visited by experts on energy efficiency and energy security of the Gas Natural Fenosa company. For a better understanding of the state of water resources in Moldova a water expert Dr. Maria Sandu from the Institute of Ecology and Geography was invited to talk about the drinking water quality in Moldova. Participants sampled and analyzed water in the villages Raculesti, Balanesti and tested drinking water from the pipe of the “Cusmarica” camp.
The summer school was also attended by expert from the National Environmental Center of Ukraine – Olga Vlasuk, who spoke in more detail on climate change and adaptation on global level, and the actionswhich each of us could undertake for reduction of the CO2 emissions to atmosphere of our planet. 
We decided not to stop with that and after the participants return to their schools they will organize contests on the best action on information of public, students and school children interested in climate change. We are sure that our ecological school is small, but an important drop in promotion of sustainable development of our planet!

Below one can see a photo album where the brightest and unforgettable moments of our summer ecological school are collected.