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Strategic meeting of working group on climate change, Kiev, 13-14 December 2013


Strategic meeting of working group on climate change, Kiev, 13-14 December 2013

The working group of non-governmental organizations on climate change completed its work this year by strategic planning. Members of the group that came from all over Ukraine discussed the results of the international climate negotiations in Warsaw, implementation of state projects under the Green Investment Scheme and especially the development of a national emissions trading scheme in Ukraine. Anjia Kollmuss from an international NGO "Carbon Market Watch" explained the mechanism of the Doha amendment effect on Ukraine during the second period of the Kyoto Protocol, and described the new market and non-market mechanisms for the period after 2020.

 During the first day of the meeting, Maria Storchylo (expert on climate change, NECU) presented the features of the international negotiations on ratification of the second period of the Kyoto Protocol and the positive and negative aspects of the implementation of the national emissions trading market in Ukraine.

 Andriy Zhelyeznyy presented an assessment of the implementation of the work of the insulation of premises of public buildings through the scheme of Green investments (www.470mln.org.ua, www.facebook.com/470mln). In particular, he said that construction works were not completed or performed poorly.

 Participants learnt the rules of the public monitoring of insulation and facilities and offered system of on-line reporting.

 During the second day of the meeting of the WG a strategic discussion and activity planning session of climate change areas for 2014 were held. The discussion was moderated by Olga Vlasyuk (Coordinator of climate change adaptation, NECU). The further work of climate change working group will include following areas:
• Communication activities on adaptation to climate change;
• Analysis and comments on the National Action Plan on adaptation to climate change;
• Assessment on the local level of the vulnerability of cities to climate change;
• Support of youth in the organization for climate change adaptation campaigns;
• Continue education on the topic climate change adaptation through educational activities for schoolchildren and students;
• National campaign to draw public attention to the negative impact of coal power stations;
• Communication of climate change to religious confessions;
• Monitoring in solving climate issues at the national level, and impact on governments;
• National campaign for analyzing the use of funds in the budget for energy facilities;
• On-line access to a set of tools for climate protection actions in the framework of a campaign "Take it and do it ."

During the session "Information campaign on climate change for children and youth", which was moderated by Irina Stavchuk (Curator of climate department, NECU ), representatives of NGOs learnt about the features of training and communicating climate information to schoolchildren, students and the general public during street protests. General discussion was focused on the difficulties of information campaigns and ways to overcome them. Participants shared experiences of the best practices of information campaigns and learnt how to prepare environmental reports for general public.

In the section "Adaptation to climate change in cities” Olga Shevchenko (Candidate of the Geographical Sciences, Professor Assistant of Meteorology and Climatology at Shevchenko Kyiv National University) presented the latest results of the research of vulnerability of urban ecosystems to climate change.

The NGOs Working Group on Climate Change would like to thank the European Commission, the Austrian Red Cross, the UN Fund for Democracy and the Swedish NGO AirClim for financial support of the meeting. Special thanks to Anjia Kollmuss of Carbon Market Watch for attending the meeting.

 Source in Ukrainian language: http://climategroup.org.ua/?p=2427