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Armenian Climate Forum in action


Armenian Climate Forum in action

Discussions and debates over hot environmental and climate change issues are the main accelerating and stimulating tools for achieving successful results while organizing multistakeholder meetings in this field.  On June 19 – 20, within the framework of “Climate Forum East” Project (CFE), around 20 CSOs and Research Centers gathered in Armenian resort of Tsakhkadzor to discuss environmental and climate change policy issues and to prepare for initiating Armenian Climate Forum national platform in the beginning of July. Among the discussed topics were “International agreements on Climate Change: What next after Kyoto Protocols”; EU/EaP and RA positions”; and “Climate Change Adaptation: EU Strategy on Climate Change Adaptation. Financial mechanisms and use of technologies and the strengthening of national capacities were also discussed. Heated debates among the participants over these issues took place, which was considered as a positive signal for establishment of Armenian Climate Forum Network.

Following this event, two national workshops on climate change policy priorities has been organized by the Armenian Red Cross Society (ARCS) within the framework of CFE Project. The first workshop, held at the Aarhus Center in Yerevan, gathered more than 20 NGOs and as a result of tough discussions and debates five policy priorities for the national climate vulnerability assessment have been identified; namely, disaster risk reduction, health, agriculture, ecosystems and water resources . Moreover, during the first policy priority workshop, NGO capacities and possible contributions for developing and enhancing the Armenian Climate Forum Network have been discussed. Furthermore, NGOs expressed readiness to contribute to the process of the development of the climate vulnerability assessment by preparing case studies for each selected policy area. 

The second policy priority workshop was mainly devoted to discussions and debates over the next three-month preliminary action plan of the Armenian Climate Forum Network. Moreover, the second part of the workshop was dedicated to the Memorandum of Understanding to be signed between ARCS and the other members of the Network. As a result the Memorandum text was finalized and it is scheduled to be signed at the end of October in Tsakhkadzor, when the next meeting of Armenian Climate Forum Network will be held.

 Finally, the inspiration and active involvement of CSOs in Armenian Climate Forum Network activities have inspired active environmental movements and associations to accede newly formed CSO Network.