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The round table on Climate Vulnerability Assessment (CVA)


The round table on Climate Vulnerability Assessment (CVA)

The round table devoted to climate vulnerability assessment and its priorities on the project “Climate Forum East” was held on August 27, 2013 at the Belarus Red Cross Society (BRC’s) training centre. The representatives from both sectors – state as well as non-state took part in the meeting:  the hydrometeorological centre, the “Green Alliance”, United Nations Development Programme, the Youth Association, the Woman’s information coordination centre, the NGO “Nature and Us”.

The round table’s programme consisted of the coordinator’s (Dmitry Rusakov) presentation on heat waves in Belarus and that experience which BRC has already had in dealing such a problem. The national expert – Evgeniya Bertosh prolonged the topic, having shown existing best practices in adaptation to climate change as well as its influence on social and economic sectors. The potential partners took to priorities’ discussion for the future assessment.

The conclusion of the round table was that it is necessary to assess climate change and its influence on the following sectors:

1) Forestry;

2)  Water resources;

3) Health care (the increase of heat waves, the emergence of new illnesses -tick-borne encephalitis, the emergency calls’ dependence on  the temperature trend’s growth);

4) Fire break-out (not only in forestry).

The partners have shown their willingness and readiness to take part in CVA, which should be written by the end of 2013.