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Round table in Kiev


Round table in Kiev

A round table on "Adaptation to global climate changes in the development plans of cities” took place in June 21, 2013 in Kiev.  Regional Coordinator of the "Climate Forum East” National Ecological Centre of Ukraine selected a priority particularly important for Ukraine, namely adaptation to climate change in cities.

During the meeting there were discussions on various issues in regard to adaptation of cities to climate change. Olga Shevchenko, PhD at Geography Department of Meteorology and Climatology of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University (KNU), presented the study on "The impact of global climate change on the ecosystem of the city." The expert pointed out that the knowledge of the microclimate of the city can improve the accuracy of predicted climate change for specific cities and, therefore, can help to take the necessary measures for adapting to these changes.

Wilfried Neumann, prof. of KNU, presented the experiences of cities in Germany on the way to adaptation to climate change.

Irina Trofimova, Head of Strategic Planning Department of the State Environmental Investment Agency highlighted the issues associated with the policy of adaptation to climate change. Today a plan of priority measures for adaptation to climate change in 2012 was approved in the country. Ukraine is also preparing the third edition of the National Plan for climate change adaptation in the 2013 - 2017, which will be applied to all sectors of the economy, including agriculture, energy, and public health.