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National meeting in Georgia


National meeting in Georgia

On 20 May 2013 a meeting for Georgia Red Cross Society (GRCS) volunteers and key stakeholders was organized by the GRCS, at the conference hall of the hotel Irmeni in Tbilisi. 

The meeting was aimed at raising awareness of various issues related to climate change.

Medea Margania-Avaliani, Secretary General of GRCS; Sonja Greiner, Austrian Red Cross Country Representative in Georgia and representatives of various partner organizations participated in the meeting.

The meeting started with the opening speech of the Secretary General of GRCS Medea Margania-Avaliani; after the opening speech, the National expert from the Ministry of Environment Mrs. Medea Inashvili facilitated the meeting. There were following topics covered during the meeting: global warming and climate change phenomena; climate change impacts, adaptation to climate change; European Union and climate change framework I and framework II; climate financing and funding; overview of climate change adaptation in Georgia (policies, reports, stakeholders and actors, institutional set-up, activities, projects/programmes, climate change adaptation in different sectors).