By working together, civil society organisations can have a greater impact. That’s why we support the development of national networks on climate change in each country, where civil society organisations from a wide variety of backgrounds can come together to exchange knowledge and experiences, and work together with partners in government to collaborate on national and regional policy challenges related to climate change.

As part of Climate Forum East I, each country developed its own national network of civil society organisations working together on climate change. This way, interested organisations can come together to share their expertise, develop new ideas and work with the government in order to adapt to climate change more effectively. Network members include civil society organisations, academic institutions and government ministries, all dedicated to working together to confront the challenges that climate change will bring.

To visit  the national Climate Vulnerability Assessments, from CFE I, click here.

Climate Forum East (CFE) presentation

Climate Forum East (CFE) leaflet

Resolution draft of the Regional Conference "Responding to Climate Change in Eastern Partnership Countries" 


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